What do I need to include in my project request?

Many first time clients are unsure of what to include in their request for a new printed project.  To make the project go smoother for all parties we’ve compiled a checklist of information to include in your order.  It is best to provide as much information about your project as possible and if we have any questions, we’ll contact you directly for an affirmative answer before we print anything.

Please spellcheck your files! Even better if you can have another person look it over before sending the file for print.

Preferred file: High resolution .pdf file (1UP) with 1/8” bleed and crop marks

  • Ink Colors (1,2 or 3-Color, Full Color CMYK or Grayscale):
  • Stock (Text wt. or Cover Stock) AND (Gloss or Matte finish):
  • Size Document Size AND Finished Size
  • Bleed  Does the document have a bleed (does the ink go to the edges of the paper?)
  • Quantity (Total # of finished pieces):
  • Shipping Information: (if applicable)
  • Special Instructions:

Does job need Envelopes? (Blank, Printed – Color or Black ink – Printed on front corner, front center or back flap – Size – Window or No Window):

Scoring/Folding (Tri-Fold, Bi-Fold, Z-fold, etc):

Bindery (Stapled, 3-Hole Punch, Spiral or Comb Binding, etc):

  • Contact Information: Name, e-mail, billing address, phone and fax.